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Financing Secured for $300 Million Office Development

In a climate where construction loans are hard to come by, Fulton Street Companies has managed to secure financing for a nearly $300 million office...

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Private vs Public Construction: Risks and Rewards

In the construction industry, one of the most crucial decisions a contractor can make is choosing between private and public projects. Both come with...

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How a Fed Shutdown Would Impact the Construction Industry in Illinois

The possibility of a federal government shutdown looms large, and its impact could be far-reaching. One sector that stands to be significantly affected is... read More

Stratford's Britannia Street Housing Project - Phase 2

The construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping communities, and the Britannia Street Housing Project in Stratford is a prime example. This...

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Canal Station's $265 Million Transformation in South Loop

Canal Station, located at 801 S Canal Street in Chicago's South Loop, is undergoing a massive transformation. The six-story building, previously

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The Gardiner Museum's Massive Renovation

The Gardiner Museum, a Toronto-based institution renowned for its ceramic art collection, recently announced that it will undergo a massive $14 million

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Construction to Begin on Scheels Sports Park at Legacy Pointe

The groundbreaking ceremony for Scheels Sports Park wasn't just a pivotal moment for sports enthusiasts; it was a landmark event for the commercial...

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Subcontracting: Building Strong Partnerships for Success

In the intricate tapestry of the construction industry, the threads of general contractors and subcontractors intertwine to create a cohesive masterpiece.

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The Role of Women in the Ontario Construction Industry

The construction industry, traditionally perceived as a male-dominated field, is undergoing a transformative shift in Ontario. Women are not only entering

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Pioneering a Sustainable Construction Future for Ontario

The commercial construction industry is at the forefront of Canada's efforts to combat climate change. With the built environment accounting for a...

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