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25 Story Mixed-use Building in Chicago gets Plan Commission Approval

The Chicago Plan Commission has approved Sterling Bay’s ambitious mixed-use development at 2033 N. Kingsbury. This project, situated directly across from...

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Overcoming Ontario's Construction Slowdown

Ontario's construction industry, once booming, is now facing a significant downturn. Higher interest rates and rising costs have led many developers to...

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12 Major Road Projects Planned for Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois is on the brink of a major transformation, thanks to an ambitious series of construction projects funded by the Rebuild Illinois capital...

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TMU to Construct New Medical School in Brampton

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is now embarking on an ambitious project to establish a new medical school in Brampton, Ontario. This move is set to...

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Community Center to be Built next to Church of Our Savior

A new community center is set to rise next to the historic Church of Our Saviour in Lincoln Park, Chicago. The City of Chicago has issued a demolition...

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$33.4 Million Elementary School to be Built in Etobicoke

The Government of Ontario has announced significant funding for the construction of a new elementary school in Etobicoke. The $33.4 million investment...

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12 Infrastructure Projects Planned for Macon County

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has announced 12 major construction projects that are either underway or scheduled to begin in Macon...

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Navigating the Construction Slowdown in Ontario: Strategies for Success

The construction industry in Ontario, Canada, is currently facing a significant slowdown. This trend is attributed to a combination of high interest...

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29 Storey Infill Development Proposed by Stanford Homes

The upcoming development at 2775 Jane Street in North York is not just a testament to urban expansion but a significant opportunity for the construction...

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12 Infrastructure Projects Planned for Decatur IL

Decatur, Illinois, is set to witness a significant transformation as the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) rolls out a series of infrastructure...

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