EllisDon to lead Warden Subway Station Project

EllisDon to Lead Warden Subway Station Project

The Warden Subway station is one of Toronto's major suburban transit hubs, and it's about to undergo a significant transformation. EllisDon, a renowned construction and development company, has taken the lead in the prestigious Warden Station redevelopment project. This initiative aims to turn the station into a state-of-the-art transit hub.

Warden Station has been a vital part of Toronto's transit network since the 1960s, serving as a central transfer point on Line 2. This redevelopment project holds the promise of bringing about substantial positive changes by making the station fully accessible, streamlining passenger access, and optimizing property usage.


The Vision for Warden Station

The project will unfold systematically, commencing with the establishment of a new accessible entrance that includes elevators linking the entrance, concourse, and subway platform levels. This is a crucial step toward improving accessibility for all passengers. The existing bus terminal, which has been a cornerstone of the station, will be replaced with a modern, accessible version seamlessly integrated into the existing station. Importantly, the station will remain operational throughout the redevelopment, ensuring minimal disruption to commuters.

EllisDon states that Warden Station is not the only TTC station getting a makeover. Several others, including Chester, College, Donlands, Dundas, Dundas West, Greenwood, Museum, and Summerhill, are also in the process of receiving second exits. These improvements are part of the TTC's Easier Access program, which seeks to enhance safety for customers and staff by providing an additional way out of subway stations in case of emergencies.


The Easier Access Enhancements

As part of the TTC's Easier Access program, which systematically renovates nearly every subway station across the city to design for universal accessibility and enhanced pedestrian access, Warden Station is slated to be completely rebuilt. The station will feature an entirely new bus terminal flooded with natural light and more accessible platforms, including elevators. This comprehensive overhaul is scheduled for completion by the end of 2027.

The key improvements at Warden Station will include:

 - Elevators: Two new elevators will connect customers between the Passenger Pick U/Drop Off area (PPUDO), concourse level, and subway platform at the station. This will significantly enhance accessibility.

 - Signage and Wayfinding: Improved signage and wayfinding throughout the station will make navigation easier for passengers.

 - Station Redevelopment: The project includes constructing a temporary accessible bus terminal and a new permanent accessible bus terminal once completed. This ensures that passengers have a seamless experience.


Beyond Accessibility

The Warden Station redevelopment is not just another construction project; it's a key component of a comprehensive urban revitalization plan that will breathe new life into the Warden and St. Clair Ave area. When this project is complete, it will introduce a state-of-the-art Transit Hub, CreateTO mixed-income housing, and vibrant public spaces around Taylor Massey Creek.

The existing bus and subway hub is a major transfer point on Line 2 and was originally built as part of the major expansion of Toronto's subway network in the 1960s. TTC sought to redevelop the station to create a modern station with full accessibility, easier passenger access between subway station, PPUDO, and bus terminal, and maximize the use of the property.


Architectural Highlights

SAI, the lead architects for the revitalized Warden Station, have designed the facility to ensure full compliance with AODA / TTC's Easier Access program. This includes the addition of elevators and reconfiguration of bus bays to facilitate easy and barrier-free bus-to-bus transfers. SAI's design also prioritizes the customer experience by optimizing personnel and vehicle flows through the station. It creates an intuitive alignment of the bus platform, bus concourse, subway platform, subway concourse, and PPUDO, while ensuring ample access to natural light. The design even incorporates wave shapes on the roof to accommodate sustainable features like green roofs.


Phases of Implementation

The project will be implemented in stages to minimize disruptions. It will begin with the construction of a new accessible entrance with elevators linking the entrance, concourse, and subway platform levels. Subsequently, the existing bus terminal will be replaced with a new accessible bus terminal and concourse connecting to the existing station. Importantly, the station will remain operational throughout the redevelopment.



EllisDon is committed to the success of this project, and we are excited to contribute to the positive changes it will bring to Toronto's transit landscape. This redevelopment effort is a testament to the city's commitment to enhancing accessibility, safety, and the overall travel experience for its residents. The transformation of Warden Station is not just about modernizing infrastructure; it's about creating a more inclusive and efficient transit system that serves the needs of the community.

The redevelopment of Warden Station serves as an example of how construction plays a pivotal role in improving public infrastructure and making cities more accessible and vibrant.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project that promises to redefine the Warden Station experience and contribute to the continued growth and development of Toronto's transit network.


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