10 Most Expensive Infrastructure Projects Underway in Ontario

10 Most Expensive Infrastructure Projects Underway in Ontario

ReNew Canada has released its annual report of the largest public sector infrastructure projects under development in Ontario. Transportation dominated the list with commuter rail and Toronto subway projects ranking high. The country is experiencing record investment in creating and improving public sector infrastructure and developing commercial construction projects to provide a foundation for Ontario's growing economy.

Below, in order of projected value, is a look at the 10 most expensive infrastructure projects underway in Ontario:


GO Expansion -- On-Corridor Works

 - Project Value:$15.7B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2032

For the second year in a row, the On-Corridor Works project was deemed the most expensive in Ontario and the second-priciest in all of Canada.

Storeys reports that the largest project in Metrolinx's GO Rail Expansion program, On-Corridor Works will transform the rail network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Infrastructure upgrades will include:


 - Additional tracks

 - Expanded stations

 - Electrification of the rail network

 - New train control systems


The project which is still in the development phase will help to deliver two-way, all-day service every 15 minutes or sooner over core segments of the GO rail network when it is completed.


Bruce Power Refurbishment

 - Project Value: $13B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2033

Bruce Power planned to refurbish six of its eight nuclear reactors in 2015,  but the project was postponed from 2016 to 2020 based on the usable life of the reactors. Refurbishment of the first reactor was progressing on time and construction of the second reactor is scheduled to begin early this year. The eight reactors produce 6,550 megawatts of power annually which is about 30% of Ontario's energy usage.


Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment

 - Project Value: $12.8B

 - Completion: 2026

Refurbishment on Darlington's four nuclear reactors began in 2016. Work was completed on the first unit in 2020, and refurbishment on the fourth reactor is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2023. The project will extend the life of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station by 30 plus years and will create 14,200 jobs annually.


Eglinton Crosstown LRT

 - Project Value: $12.5B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2023

This project was supposed to be completed in 2020 but construction was delayed until 2011. Running from Mount Dennis to Kennedy Station, the light-rail transit line will span 19 km of Eglinton Avenue, 11 km of which will be underground. At the street level, the LRT vehicles will carry passengers on separate transit lines from regular traffic.

When this project is completed, the 25-stop transit line will link to 54 bus routes, three subway stations, and multiple GO Transit lines. As of January 2023, this project will also entail:


 - Sidewalk restoration

 - Track work

 - Duct bank installation


Ontario Line

 - Project Value: $10.9B

 - Completion: 2031

The Ontario Line is a 15-station, 15.6 kilometre subway line that will run from Exhibition Place, through downtown Toronto, and up to the Ontario Science Centre. New underground tunnels will take up more than half of the route, with the rest running along elevated and at-grade tracks. The new line will connect more than 40 other travel options, including:


 - TTC's Line 1 and 2 subways

 - The Eglinton Crosstown LRT

 - Three GO Transit rail lines

 - Numerous bus and streetcar routes


The project reached major procurement milestones in November 2022, including the awarding of the Southern Civil, Stations and Tunnel (South) contract to Ontario Transit Group and the Rolling Stock, Systems, Operations and maintenance (ROSSOM) contract to Connect 6ix. The former includes designing and supplying the trains, while the latter covers construction of a 6 km tunnel and seven stations. Work on both contracts will start in early 2023.


GO Expansion - Early Works

 - Project Value: $10.5B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2025

The Early Works portion of the GO Expansion program includes more than 50 individual projects, including the Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation Project, the Highway 401 Rail Tunnel, and the Union Station Enhancement project. Smaller projects include station improvements and utility relocations. 


TTC Vehicles Program

 - Project Value: $7.1B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2022-2036

The TTC includes a number of projects to upgrade its fleet, such as:


 - Procurement of 264 new streetcars (valued at $1.6B)

 - More than 100 new Wheel-Trans buses ($363M)

 - Hybrid and electric buses ($4.4B)


An electrification program ($766M) will cover the infrastructure needed to support the charging of the electric buses. The TTC will also install 60 e-charges at three garages by 2024 and plans to have electrified its entire fleet by 2036.


Gordie Howe International Bridge

 - Project Value: $5.7B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2024

The Gordie Howe International Bridge is the largest and most ambitious bi-national border infrastructure project along the Canada-US border. The project includes a new six-lane bridge across the Detroit River, as well as the associated border inspection plazas and connections to freeways in Ontario and Michigan.

Work is being done at the same time on each of the project's four components:


 - Canadian Point of Entry

 - US Point of Entry

 - The Michigan I-75 Interchange

 - The bridge itself


Recent work has included the installation of building utilities at the points of entry and rebar installation on the bridge.


Hurontario LRT

 - Project Value: $5.6B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2024

The Hurontario LRT project will bring 18 km of rapid transit to Mississauga and Brampton. Dubbed the Hazel McCallion Line, LRT vehicles will travel in a dedicated lane, serving 19 stops and offering connections to GFO Transit's Milton and Lakeshore West rail lines, Mississauga MiWay, Brampton Zum, and the Mississauga Transitway BRT.

Most of the construction has been completed at the operations, maintenance, and storage facility, which will be the hub for the new line, and track installation will get underway in early 2023. Included in the Moving Ontario Forward plan, the Hurontario LRT was funded through a $1.4B commitment from the provincial government.


Scarborough Subway Extension

 - Project Value: $5.5B

 - Estimated Date of Substantial Completion: 2026

Running from Kennedy Station northeast to McCowan Road and Sheppard Avenue, the Scarborough Subway Extension will add three stops and 7.8 km to the TTC's Line 2. This will replace the existing Scarborough RT and the new stations will offer connections to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Durham Region Transit and GO Transit.

Construction began in June of 2021 and included the selection of a development partner for the project's stations, rail and systems in December 2022.


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