Village of Westmont Infrastructure Projects Update

Village of Westmont Infrastructure Projects Update

Westmont, a vibrant village known for its robust community spirit and well-maintained infrastructure, continues to uphold its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents and businesses through strategic construction updates. The Village of Westmont, alongside County and State, orchestrates a series of construction projects throughout the year, aiming to bolster the community's infrastructure. This blog delves into the ongoing and planned construction endeavors, providing insights into their significance and execution.


West Quincy Streetscape Project

Westmont Press Release states that this project, although substantially completed, has transformed the visual and functional aspects of West Quincy Street. Even though the primary construction phase is over, the contractor is set to conduct minor punch list tasks in Spring 2024. This project exemplifies meticulous planning and execution, focusing on enhancing the streetscape's aesthetics while improving pedestrian safety and accessibility. 


"Construction season is always challenging for all parties involved. We appreciate everyone's patience during this process and look forward to the successful completion of these projects."

Director of Public Works | Amy Ries


Residential Alley Projects


Alley 12N

Situated between Park and Williams, stretching from Burlington to Naperville, Alley 12N's construction was temporarily halted due to winter conditions. The completion of storm sewer work marks a significant milestone, with plans to resume in April focusing on:


 - Earth excavation

 - Stone base

 - Concrete edge restraint

 - Asphalt paving

 - Associated restoration


This project is slated for completion by June 1, weather permitting, demonstrating the Village's approach to upgrading alleyways to enhance residential access and drainage.


Alley 5S

Located between 55th and Quincy and Washington and Adams, Alley 5S's revamp is set to commence this Spring, with Nicor relocations beginning in April. This comprehensive project encompasses:


 - Storm sewer installation

 - Earth excavation

 - Stone base

 - Concrete edge restraint

 - Asphalt pavement

 - Associated restoration efforts


The anticipated completion is September 2024.


Warwick Watermain Construction

Encompassing approximately 2,200 linear feet of 8" PVC watermain along Warwick Ave from Burlington to Naperville, this project includes:


 - Installation of gate valves

 - Vaults

 - Fire hydrants

 -Associated work


Partially funded by a $500,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, this project underscores the critical nature of maintaining a robust and reliable water distribution network. Expected completion in Summer 2024 reflects the Village's proactive stance on safeguarding water quality and availability.


MFT Resurfacing Project

Scheduled for summer and fall 2024, this street resurfacing project exemplifies the Village's ongoing commitment to maintaining optimal roadway conditions. Details are currently being finalized, with updates to be provided on the Village's website. This project highlights the importance of regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of roadways and enhance safety for all users.


North Water Tower

Adjacent to Westmont High School, the construction of a new 1.0 million gallon water tower represents a significant investment in the community's water supply system. Funded by a State Revolving Fund loan from IEPA, including $1.65 million in principal forgiveness, this project aims to increase water storage capacity and improve system pressure. The construction phase, beginning this fall and continuing into 2025, underscores the complexity and scale of infrastructure projects necessary to meet the growing demands of the community.


Farmingdale Street Light Improvements

Set for later in 2024, this project involves the following:


 - Replacing concrete street light poles in the Farmingdale subdivision

 - Upgrading underground wiring

 - Installing Dark Sky compliant light fixtures


It showcases the Village's commitment to enhancing public safety through improved lighting while adhering to environmental considerations. The execution of these projects, from preliminary planning through to completion, involves a myriad of construction principles, including site preparation, material selection, and adherence to safety and environmental standards.

Professionals in the construction field will appreciate the strategic foresight, technical challenges, and collaborative efforts inherent in these projects, which collectively enhance the structural and aesthetic fabric of Westmont.


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