Unveiling 50 Storey Mixed-use Tower in Toronto

Unveiling50 Storey Mixed-Use Tower in Toronto

The proposal put forth by developers Reserve and Westdale aims to construct a massive 50-storey condo tower at 77 Roehampton Avenue. The proposed development spans a total floor area of 37,897 square metres, with residential space accounting for the majority and would include: 


 - Total of 624 condominium units

 - 83 Studios

 - 339 one-bedroom units

 - 137 two-bedroom units

 - 65 three-bedroom units

 - 81 rental units are proposed to replace the existing ones on-site that would be demolished

 - 102 vehicular parking spaces including residential and visitor spaces and a car share space

 - 478 bicycle parking spaces with long-term and short-term options

 - Remaining floor area at base of the tower will be new retail space


The neighbourhood of Roehampton Avenue in midtown Toronto is on the verge of experiencing an unprecedented vertical expansion with the latest development application. The area situated between Yonge Street and Redpath Avenue has undergone significant changes in the past decade with side streets transforming into high-density corridors. The current site is occupied by an 11-storey rental building with 81 units, which would be demolished to make way for the new structure.

BlogTO reports that the developers have submitted a revised proposal in April 2023, which includes substantial design changes. The original blocky design has been replaced with a striking new look created by architects Arcadis IBI Group. The updated plan features a podium design with rounded edges and a captivating cutaway at the base. The glass tower, partially wrapped in a screen of red brick finishes, tops the podium.

It's worth noting that the tower's design includes just four elevators to serve the entire building, which has been a concern in previous Toronto developments leading to overcrowded elevator lobbies.

Another nearby proposal, submitted by Osmington Gerofsky Development Corporation, suggests a 50-storey mixed-use tower at 6355 Yonge Street. Reaching a height of 172.8 metres, this development could add an awe-inspiring element to the quiet pocket of Toronto, which primarily consists of single detached homes and low-rise buildings.

The proposed development also incorporates various indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. The indoor areas, covering 1,085 square metres, are planned for the second and eighth levels. Outdoor amenities, occupying 765 square metres, include an outdoor terrace on the Level 7 roof, encompassing the west, north, and east sides of the tower. There's also a west-facing terrace on a portion of the Level 50 roof, accessible from the double-height mechanical penthouse.

TACT Architecture has designed a slender 43-storey tower element atop a seven-storey stone-clad base. The asymmetrical facades of the tower are adorned with non-contiguous balconies projecting on all sides.


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The application highlights the unique location of the site, situated at a tri-point between the Cities of Toronto, Vaughan, and Markham. It emphasizes that the proposal appropriately intensifies an under-utilized site with a thoughtfully designed mixed-use building that aligns with the evolving context of mixed-use tall buildings along Yonge Street, particularly in proximity to the future Steeles Station on the Yonge North Subway Extension.

Moreover, the proposal aims to contribute to the provision of new housing options in the local area while creating an attractive, safe, and comfortable environment that promotes walking, supports local retail, and encourages the use of transit and active transportation.


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