Two Buildings Proposed for Former Wheat Mill Site

Two Buildings proposed for former wheat mill site

A 515 foot tall residential building complete with office and residential units could break ground before the end of the year in Fulton Market once it's approved by City Council. Plans were revealed for Phase One of a two-building 741 unit proposal. The development will take over the former site of the Archer Daniels Wheat Mill.

The first phase will include the following:


 - 39 story building

 - Office space and parking spaces on the first nine floors

 - Residential units on floors 12-38

 - Tower will have 371 units

 - 259 parking spaces

 - Terraces for office tenants on each floor

 - Roof terrace for residents

 - Pocket park and plaza with 35,172 sf of open space


Block Club Chicago states that preservationists have wanted to see the 124 year old mill adaptively reused, but the site was scraped clean in 2021 and the developer, Sterling Bay, bought it in 2020 for $25 million.

The development company will be making a $42 million payout to the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund as part of phase one. The project is estimated to create 1,000 construction jobs.

The first phase, located at  the 1300 block of West Carroll Avenue is different from what developers proposed in November 2021. After feedback from the city and community, developers reduced the project's floor-area ratio to add additional open green space.


"I know that the city's Committee on Design are well intentioned, but I surely hope that they don't suggest that the open park space be reduced. There's a priority on park and green space as big or small as it may be. So I would like to just suggest that it's certainly not getting smaller."

President of the West Central Association | Armando Chacon


Sterling Bay officials said they do not expect any reduction of green space since the proposal incorporates feedback from the Department of Planning and Development, whose officials requested an increase in green space.


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No design has been released for the project's phase two, but it is expected to at least include about 380 residential units and be 418 feet tall.

If the plan is approved by City Council, Sterling Bay plans to break ground near the end of this year. Construction for phase one is expected to last about two years.


DataBid is currently reporting on this project - 1300 W Carroll Avenue Mixed Use Development Fulton Market Phase 1 - Chicago  (0015112221

DataBid is currently reporting on this project - 1300 W Carroll Avenue Mixed Use Development Fulton Market Phase 2 - Chicago  (0016112221)


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