Tower-in-the-Park Transformation Proposed in North York

Tower-in-the-Park Transformation Proposed in North York

Tenblock is set to transform the existing Tower Park at 155 Antibes Drive into a vibrant urban community in Toronto. This ambitious project will see the redevelopment of the area into a mixed-use development featuring new residential units, commercial spaces, and enhanced public amenities. For construction workers, this project offers a unique opportunity to be involved in a significant urban renewal effort. Let’s delve into the details of the project and focus on the construction and design aspects.


Project Overview


Key Details


  • Location: 25 St. Dennis Drive, Toronto
  • Developer: Tenblock
  • Scope: Mixed-use development including residential units, retail spaces, and public amenities
  • Total Residential Units: Approximately 1,500 new units
  • Completion Timeline: Multi-phase project spanning several years

Construction Phases and Key Features


Site Preparation

Urban Toronto reports that the project begins with comprehensive site preparation. The 1.9-hectare/4.7-acre Tower-in-the-Park style site on the northwest corner of Bathurst Street and Don Lake Gate is currently home to a 16-storey apartment building that is surrounded by surface parking and underused lawns. This phase involves grading, utility installation, and ensuring proper drainage. 


Foundation and Structural Work

The next phase involves laying the foundation and constructing the structural framework. This includes extensive concrete work, steel framing, and the erection of the core structures. Workers skilled in foundation laying, concrete pouring, and steelwork will be essential during this phase. The foundation must be robust to support the multiple high-rise buildings planned for the site.


Residential Towers Construction

The project will see the construction of several high-rise residential towers. These towers will range in height and are designed to provide a significant number of new housing units. There will be 1,151 units, including the 259 existing rental units which will continue to be lived-in throughout the infill process. Construction workers will be involved in tasks such as framing, roofing, and installing windows and exterior cladding. Each tower will have unique design features, including balconies and large glass windows to maximize natural light.


Commercial and Retail Spaces

In addition to residential units, the development will include commercial and retail spaces on the lower floors. These areas will provide essential services and amenities to residents and the surrounding community. Construction workers will focus on creating functional and attractive retail environments, involving detailed interior finishes and installations.


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Public Amenities and Landscaping

A significant portion of the project is dedicated to enhancing public amenities and green spaces. This includes the creation of parks, playgrounds, and pedestrian pathways. There will also be a POPS (Privately-Owned Publicly-accessible space) along Bathurst Street which will create a pedestrian-friendly public realm. It is envisioned as an urban plaza and cycling transit hub with bike share and cycling amenities. Landscaping work will be crucial, involving planting 72 new trees, installing irrigation systems, and creating aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. These areas are designed to foster community interaction and improve the overall quality of life for residents.


Design and Sustainability


Architectural Design

Designed by BDP Quadrangle, with planning by Urban Strategies Inc., and landscape design by SvN, the proposal will include:


 - 3 new residential buildings

 - 2 towers of 32 and 36 storeys fronting Bathurst Street

 - 8-storey mid-rise deeper within the site, complementing the existing rental building

 - Multi-use trail

 - Public park


The design incorporates sleek, contemporary lines with ample use of glass and steel. The residential towers are designed to be visually appealing while maximizing functionality and space efficiency.


Sustainable Building Practices

Sustainability is a core focus of the project. The development will incorporate green building practices, such as energy-efficient systems such as a geo-exchange heating and cooling system, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly construction techniques. Workers will gain experience in installing solar panels, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and green roofs. These practices not only reduce the environmental impact but also ensure long-term sustainability of the buildings.


Economic and Community Impact


Job Creation

The Tower Park transformation is expected to create numerous jobs throughout its construction phases. This includes opportunities for general laborers, skilled tradespeople, engineers, and project managers. The project will provide steady employment and contribute to the local economy.


Long-Term Benefits

Beyond immediate job creation, the project will significantly enhance the local infrastructure. The addition of new residential units will help alleviate housing shortages, while the commercial spaces will stimulate economic activity. Improved public amenities will increase the attractiveness of the area, benefiting both residents and the broader community.

The transformation of Tower Park by Tenblock represents a significant urban renewal project in Toronto. For construction workers, this development offers a unique opportunity to engage with innovative construction techniques and sustainable practices. As the project progresses, it underscores the critical role that construction professionals play in shaping the future of urban infrastructure.


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