TOC Development to be Built above Toronto Subway Line

TOC Development to be Built Above Toronto Subway Line

Toronto's urban landscape is poised for a significant transformation with the introduction of the Transit-Oriented Community (TOC) project at Pape Station. This ambitious initiative seeks to capitalize on the intersection of two major subway lines by introducing a mixed-use development that combines residential, retail, and public spaces in a highly accessible location. Designed by the renowned architects SvN for Infrastructure Ontario, the project is a testament to Toronto's forward-thinking approach to urban development and its commitment to enhancing public transit accessibility.

The Pape Station TOC is envisioned as two distinct but complementary developments, both designed with a harmonious architectural language that promises to seamlessly blend into the urban fabric of the city. 


Construction Insights

For professionals in the construction field, the Pape Station TOC project presents a wealth of opportunities and challenges. With a total site area spanning approximately 11,599m², the development's scale necessitates meticulous planning and execution. The project's ambition to knit together residential living with vibrant retail and community spaces calls for innovative construction techniques and materials that ensure durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.


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Design features

Urban Toronto reports that the Pape Station TOC is envisioned as two distinct but complementary developments, both designed with a harmonious architectural language that promises to seamlessly blend into the urban fabric of the city. The north site, situated on Gertrude Place, proposes:


 - Seven-storey building that will introduce 25 residential units to the area

 - Vital retail space at ground level


Designed by Svn, the South site (26 Lipton Ave) will feature the following:


 - Two 7 and 29-storey mixed-use buildings

 - Containing a total of 414 residential units

 - Building setbacks and tiered heights of the buildings are designed to transition height and density toward Danforth Avenue


The proposed Pape Transit-Oriented Community will also feature:


 - Mix of mid-rise and high-rise buildings

 - Add 2,150m2 of retail spaces

 - Streetscape and public realm improvements


Over 30 homes and businesses along Danforth, Lipton, and Eaton Avenues would be torn down to make way for the complex, which is expected to add 439 residential units and 2,150 square metres of new retail space concentrated along Danforth Avenue.


Material Innovation and Sustainability

One of the key considerations for the construction team will be the choice of materials that not only meet the architectural vision but also adhere to Toronto's stringent environmental standards. The project's commitment to the Toronto Green Standard and the inclusion of green roofs underscore the need for sustainable building practices. Materials such as low-emission glass, energy-efficient cladding systems, and sustainably sourced wood for the interior finishes will play a crucial role in achieving these environmental goals.


Construction Methodology

Given the project's location in a densely populated urban area, the construction methodology will need to minimize disruption to the surrounding community. This may involve the use of modular construction techniques for certain components of the buildings, allowing for sections to be prefabricated off-site and assembled on-site. Such approaches can significantly reduce construction time, waste, and noise, making the process more efficient and less intrusive.


Safety and Accessibility

With the project's proximity to active subway lines, safety and accessibility will be paramount. The construction plan will need to incorporate measures that ensure the safety of workers and the public, including secure perimeter fencing, designated access routes, and rigorous adherence to safety protocols. Moreover, the integration of the development with the existing Pape Station infrastructure will require careful coordination with transit authorities to maintain uninterrupted service.


Opportunities for Workforce Development

The Pape Station TOC project also represents an opportunity for workforce development within the construction industry. The diverse range of construction activities, from the deep foundation work necessary for the high-rise components to the intricate detailing of the public realm improvements, will require skilled labor across various disciplines. This opens avenues for on-the-job training and apprenticeships, contributing to the growth of a skilled construction workforce capable of tackling complex urban projects.

As construction progresses, the Pape TOC not only promises to transform the local landscape but also to inspire a new wave of transit-oriented developments across the city, heralding a new era of urban excellence.


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