Third Data Center Coming to Aurora IL

Third Data Center Coming to Aurora

Aurora, Illinois, is poised for a significant technological upgrade as CyrusOne, a leading Dallas-based data center operator, proposes the development of its third data center in the city. This facility, planned for a 30-acre site on Bilter Road adjacent to Interstate 88, underscores the city's growing status as a high-tech hub. The expansion not only aims to accommodate CyrusOne's burgeoning space requirements but also promises economic benefits for Aurora through substantial property and utility taxes, alongside the creation of construction and high-tech jobs.

Data Center Dynamics reports that CyrusOne's expansion into Aurora began with the acquisition of a 428,000-square-foot building at Eola and Diehl roads, later extending its campus with a 440,000-square-foot facility. This proposed third facility aims to address CyrusOne's critical need for additional space due to its role in handling data for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange among other significant financial services.


Negotiations and City Involvement

CyrusOne's proposal has sparked discussions with Aurora city officials, focusing on a reimbursement deal to recapture some of the city's investment in the Eola Road interchange project. This collaboration reflects a shared vision for Aurora's technological and economic advancement.

The ongoing negotiations also involve zoning changes to facilitate the construction of the data center, highlighting the city's flexible approach to fostering tech growth. Aurora aims to balance the immediate financial implications of forgoing a potential hotel development against the long-term benefits of hosting a significant data center operation.


Technical Specifications

The building will include the following:


 - 428,000 square foot data center

 - Suites, cages, cabinets available to match required footprints

 - Colocation cabinet layout will follow hot-cold aisle design

 - Conference rooms and break rooms

 - Client office and storage space

 - Visitor WiFi access throughout

 - Four secure semi-truck loading docks


Cooling System will include:


 - Air cooled Chiller Plant to provide 3,000 Tons at N+2 per data hall

 - Free cooling below 30F. Variable Frequency Drives throughout

 - Color-coded to align with Power Rooms

 - CRAH units with energy efficient fans

 - 17 kW per cabinet - driven by air-cooled delta T


Security features will include:


 - Security gate and anti-tailgating sally port outside of facility

 - Security fence around the site

 - 7 layers physical security from property to server

 - Card reader at the security gate

 - Bio-reader and anti-tailgate turnstile to enter facility

 - Bio-reader to enter data hall


Sustainability features:


 - Water free cooling: No water is used to cool this facility, such as water towers or evaporative cooling. Minimal amounts of water are to be used for humidification and facility maintenance

 - Water risk: Currently rated at High Risk, but expected to move to extremely high risk in 2030 and 2040

 - Carbon Intensity: Carbon emissions of the local grid were 1,243 pounds CO2/MWh in 2016 (last year reported, a 20% improvement over 2004 

 - Grid renewables: The local grid gets 4.2% of its power from renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, hydro and geotherm; based on US EPA eGRID data)


With city council finance committee recommendations in favor of the project and a memorandum of understanding on the horizon, construction is set to begin soon. The project's completion will enhance Aurora's digital ecosystem, providing essential services such as data storage and high-performance computing to a wide array of clients.

The proposed third data center by CyrusOne in Aurora represents a pivotal development in the city's tech expansion efforts. For professionals in the construction and tech industries, this project exemplifies the challenges and opportunities inherent in building state-of-the-art data centers. As Aurora prepares to break ground on this significant facility, the city solidifies its position as a critical node in the global data infrastructure, promising economic growth and technological advancement for years to come.


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