South Loop Sonder Hotel Proposed by DAC Developments

South Loop Sonder Hotel proposed by DAC Developments

A 26 story Sonder hotel at 424 South Wabash Avenue was proposed by DAC Developments. The South Loop project replaces a surface parking lot and a single-story commercial building with a glassy 285 foot tall tower. Due to the property's existing DX-16 Downtown Mixed-Use zoning, the development is free to move forward "as of right" without an official review from the city of Chicago.

Stage Status:  Design Development

Contracting Method:  Bids/Quotes/Tenders

Sector:  Private

DataBid ID:  0044062921

Project Title:  Sonder Hotel South Loop - Chicago

Project Location:  424 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago IL (Cook County)

Project Class:  General Building

Industry:  Commercial

Trade:  Lodging/Hotels

Construction Type:  New

Stories:  Multiple

Estimated Cost:  Estimate Not Available

Status Updates:  Anticipated Groundbreaking: March 2022

Construction Timeline: Roughly 18 months

Anticipated Opening: Late 2023

Bids Due to:  KR Developments (DAC Developments LLC), 640 N. LaSalle Drive, Suite 410, Chicago, IL 60654

Detail of Services:  Replacement of surface parking lot and single story commercial building with a 26 story, 285 foot tall Sonder Hotel tower. Plans include a small lobby, 1,800 SF of ground floor retail space, amenity space, outdoor terraces, 11,000 SF of office space and 40 parking spaces on floors two and three.


Confirmed Trades:

Division 02 - Existing Conditions

Division 03 - Concrete

Division 04 - Masonry

Division 05 - Metals

Division 06 - Wood, Plastics and Composites

Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection

Division 08 - Openings

Division 09 - Finishes

Division 10 - Specialties

Division 11 - Equipment

Division 12 - Furnishings

Division 14 - Conveying Equipment

Division 21 - Fire Suppression

Division 22 - Plumbing

Division 23 - HVAC

Division 25 - Integrated Automation

Division 26 - Electrical

Division 27 - Communications

Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security

Division 31 - Earthwork

Division 32 - Exterior Improvements

Division 33 - Utilities



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