Northwestern Memorial Hospital Proposes Plan To Ease Congestion

Northwestern memorial emergency dept

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is proposing a $77 million project to reduce ER congestion. It seems that more than 3,000 patients a year leave the hospital before being seen because of the long waiting times and sometimes they are even forced to turn away some ambulances and direct them to other hospitals in the area per Chicago Sun Times.

The $77.6 million plan would add 49 beds and build a three-story connector between two buildings. They need to add 24 intensive-care beds and 25 more beds for medical and surgical patients. This would increase the total of beds to 943.

The three-story connector would connect the Feinberg and Galter pavilions on the hospital's campus in River North.


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The extra beds that will be added will allow more timely transfer of patients from the emergency department to the inpatient department. The new connector will help transfer patients, supplies, equipment and meals between the two buildings more efficiently.

According to Chicago Business, Northwestern Memorial Hospital already has 894 beds but needs the extra 49 beds very badly. The hospital needs to keep up with the growing demand for health care services.

Many of the growing ranks of people over the age of 65 seem to have at least one chronic condition and are expected to ratchet up the demand for health care services. More than 42 percent of medical/surgical patients at Northwestern are 65 and older.

By adding the extra beds, Northwestern will be able to expand programs like cardiac care, while the connector would allow for the safe transfer of patients in critical condition.

The project is expected to begin in September and hopefully be completed by December 2022. The hospital reported net patient revenue of $19 billion in 2018.


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