Morris Hospital Starting Phase 2 Construction

Morris Hospital starting phase 2 construction

Morris Hospital is starting Phase 2 renovations on the hospital main campus and expects to have a new cardiac diagnostics department and a new patient prep/recovery area for its cath lab.

The renovations are being done in what was formerly the emergency department of the hospital. A new emergency department has been open since March 5th on the east wing of the hospital.

An article in the WCSJNews stated that the project was approved by the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board in December 2018.

The construction is part of a four phase, $33.5 million modernization project which includes the following:


 - Renovation of over 56,000 square feet of existing space 

 - Construction of 4,300 square feet of new space on the hospital main campus


The first phase was completed earlier this year and included the following:


 - New emergency department

 - New infusion therapy center

 - Women's imaging center

 - Outpatient laboratory

 - Renovations to the main lobby


Morris Hospital stated that after the demolition of the former emergency department, work was stopped due to safety concerns during the pandemic and eventually resumed on June 1st. Workers were then required to wear masks and maintain social distancing. The construction workers are screened daily for any signs of illness and are restricted to the construction zone.

The hospital announced in late April that it was enforcing a financial recovery plan. The main campus renovation is funded through bond financing rather than routine operations.


"In this particular case, the dollars that have been earmarked for facility improvements through bond financing cannot be used for other purposes such as operations or labor costs. After reviewing various options, the Hospital Board concluded that it was appropriate to move forward with turning the now vacated and demolished former emergency department into clinical space that was intended for patient services."

"We are grateful that our new emergency department opened when it did. Having all private emergency treatment rooms and an updated air handling system have been very beneficial enhancements that have contributed to safe patient care during the pandemic."

Morris Hospital President & CEO | Mark Steadham


Morris Hospital and Healthcare Centers serves patients at 25 locations and provides lifesaving cardiac intervention with angioplasty and stents, a radiation therapy center for cancer patients, state-of-the-art intensive care unit, sleep center and walk-in care at four locations.


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