Mixed-Use Development in Chicago gets Plan Commission Approval

Mixed-Use Development Gets Plan Commission approval in Chicago

In Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood, the upcoming mixed-use development at 3955 N. Kilpatrick is capturing the attention of the construction industry. Proposed by developer GW Properties and designed by Pappageorge Haymes, this project is set to transform the former People’s Gas property into a vibrant blend of residential and commercial spaces.

The project consists of a six-story residential building housing 346 units and four one-story retail structures. The residential segment, a structural marvel, will offer a mix of duplexes, studios, and one- to two-bedroom units. The ground floor will include:


 - A sizable central lobby

 - Co-working space

 - Fitness center

 - 205 residential parking spaces

 - 346 bike parking spaces


Additionally, 27 duplex units will front N. Kilpatrick Ave, N. Milwaukee Ave, and the southern boundary, providing a seamless transition to the adjacent residential areas. All of the required 69 affordable units will be provided on-site within the building. Residents will have access to a second-floor amenity deck with an outdoor pool and select units will have balconies.


Retail Structures and Spatial Dynamics

Urbanize Chicago reports that on the northern part of the site, the retail structures, facing W. Irving Park Rd and N. Kilpatrick Ave, will enhance the commercial footprint of the area. These buildings, totaling between 7,202 and 8,555 square feet each, are designed to support a variety of businesses, from fast casual restaurants to local shops, with 125 parking spaces ensuring accessibility. Set to cost a total of $110 million, the retail portion of the development will take 12 months for construction and the residential building will take 24 months to build once construction begins.


Architectural and Construction Details

The architectural plan emphasizes a modern yet neighborhood-friendly design. The residential building, with its E-shaped layout, maximizes space utilization and allows for ample natural light. The construction strategy includes using high-quality materials and innovative building techniques to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.


Amenities and Green Spaces

A second-floor amenity deck with an outdoor pool will offer residents a luxurious and relaxing environment. Green spaces and landscaping around the buildings aim to enhance the site’s ecological footprint and provide communal areas for residents and visitors.


Zoning and Regulatory Process

The development's progress through the zoning and regulatory phases is crucial for its commencement. After securing approval from the Chicago Plan Commission, GW Properties must navigate the Committee on Zoning and City Council approvals, with a zoning change from RS-3 to B3-3, to kickstart construction.


Construction Phases and Timeline

The retail component is expected to be completed within 12 months, while the residential building will require a 24-month construction period. This phased approach allows for a streamlined construction process, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.


Sustainable Practices and Community Integration

Sustainability is a core component of the development, with plans for energy-efficient building systems, stormwater management, and bicycle-friendly amenities. The integration of duplex units at the street level reflects a commitment to blending the new structures with the existing neighborhood fabric.


Challenges and Solutions

Addressing community concerns, especially about affordable housing and parking, has been a part of the development process. The revised plan includes 20% on-site affordable housing, responding to local needs and regulatory requirements. The parking strategy balances the anticipated needs of retail businesses and residents, acknowledging the site’s proximity to public transportation.

The 3955 N. Kilpatrick development represents a significant investment in the future of Portage Park, promising to deliver a modern, mixed-use space that respects the area’s heritage while providing contemporary amenities. For construction professionals, this project offers a fascinating case study in urban redevelopment, showcasing innovative design, sustainable construction practices, and responsive community engagement. As the project moves forward, it stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of Chicago’s urban landscape.



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