Massive Lakeview Village Planned in Mississauga

Massive Lakeview Village Planned in Mississauga

The Lakeview Village project in Mississauga is setting a new standard for large-scale urban development, promising to transform a former industrial area into a bustling waterfront community. This initiative not only enhances the local landscape but also represents a significant opportunity for construction professionals, offering insights into the complexities and scale of modern urban development.

Spanning 177 acres on Mississauga’s waterfront, Lakeview Village aims to create a mixed-use development that includes 16,000 new residential units. This ambitious project, a collaboration between the City of Mississauga and Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL), integrates residential living with substantial community amenities, parkland, and commercial spaces, fostering a vibrant, sustainable community.


“This is a significant milestone. The city has been working closely with the Office of the Provincial Land and Development Facilitator and LCPL for almost a year to ensure the increased density assigned for Lakeview Village will be built in an appropriate way. We remain committed to attracting a new generation to live and work in Mississauga by doing what we can to support the transformation of this area into a liveable, walkable, waterfront community connected by parks, open spaces, cultural facilities and an innovative employment hub."

Acting Mayor of Mississauga | Matt Mahoney


Key Features of the Development


1. Residential Units:

 - Total Units: 16,000 homes ranging from townhouses to mid-rise and taller buildings.
 - Affordable Housing: A commitment to include a significant percentage of affordable housing to ensure a diverse community.

2. Commercial and Retail Spaces:

 - Office Space: Approximately 1,900,000 square feet designated for office use, providing ample employment opportunities within the community.
 - Retail Space: Over 200,000 square feet available for retail stores and restaurants, enhancing the local economy and service landscape.

3. Community and Cultural Facilities:

 - Parks and Open Spaces: Extensive parklands integrated into the development, including a 64-acre conservation area and the restoration of Serson Creek.
 - Educational Facilities: Land allocated for a Peel District School Board school site, addressing the educational needs of the growing population.
 - Lakeview Pier: A planned landmark public pier extending 600 metres into Lake Ontario, set to become a major cultural and recreational hub.

4. Infrastructure Improvements:

 - Transportation: Comprehensive traffic studies and improvements to support increased density, including enhancements to roadways and public transit accessibility.
 - Sustainability Initiatives: High standards of energy efficiency and environmental conservation, reflecting modern building practices and regulations.


Opportunities for Construction Professionals


Project Scale and Complexity:

 - The project’s large scale offers various roles from ground engineering to high-rise construction, providing numerous opportunities for skilled labor, project management, and specialized trades.

Innovative Construction Techniques:

 - Utilization of advanced construction methodologies and materials, particularly in the creation of the pier and the integration of sustainable infrastructure.

Professional Development:

 - The diverse aspects of the project from residential buildings to large-scale public amenities offer extensive opportunities for professional growth and specialization in areas like green building practices and urban landscape design.

Job Creation:

 - The development is expected to generate thousands of construction jobs over its multi-year timeline, contributing significantly to local employment.


Mississauga News reports that the construction of Lakeview Village is not just about building homes but creating a comprehensive living, working, and recreational environment. For construction professionals, the project offers a chance to be part of a pioneering development that combines modern urban design with sustainability and community focus. As the project progresses, it will continue to offer insights into the future of building dynamic and diverse urban communities.


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