Major Street Rehabilitation Project in Normal IL

Major Street Rehabilitation Project in Normal IL

The town of Normal, Illinois, is set to undertake a major street rehabilitation project, investing millions to improve infrastructure and enhance the community's overall quality of life.  Here’s an in-depth look at the project, focusing on the construction phases and design and scope of this undertaking.


Project Overview


Key Details


 - Location: Normal, Illinois
 - Investment: Millions of dollars (exact figures to be confirmed)
 - Scope: Comprehensive street rehabilitation
 - Duration: Multiple phases over several years
 - Purpose: Improve road quality, enhance safety, and support community growth

Design and Scope

The street rehabilitation project in Normal is designed to address several critical issues, including deteriorating road surfaces, outdated infrastructure, and safety concerns. The project will cover major streets and intersections, focusing on resurfacing, structural repairs, and upgrades to meet modern standards.


“We select streets for the contracts based on road conditions, but also utility repairs that need to be done. We try  to group streets to get the best pricing with mobilization and make sure that we’re doing projects that have the most impact on the town.”

Normal's Public Works Director | Ryan Otto


25 News reports that a total of 28 roads and portions of roadways will be fixed starting this month. Otto expects the motor fuel tax projects will be done this fall and general resurfacing projects by June of next year.

Street segments to be repaired include:


  • Dale St. from Adelaide to Kingsley Streets.
  • N. Linden Street from Pine St. to Shelbourne Dr.
  • Jersey Ave. from Linden St. to Eisenhower Dr.
  • Locust St. from Normal Ave. to School St.
  • Lincoln St. from School St. to Linden St.
  • Shelbourne Dr. from Constitution Trail Illinois Central Branch to Linden St.
  • Brougham St. from Phaeton Pl. to about 110 ft south of Carriage Hills Rd.

The MFT project road segments include:


  • Tompkins Dr. from Parkside Rd. to Garden Rd.
  • Felmley Dr. from Ebel Dr. to Gregory St.
  • Highpoint Rd. from Hovey Ave. to cul-de-sac north of Kingsridge Dr.
  • Robkins Ave. from south of Searle Dr. to Searle Dr.
  • Searle Dr. from Highpoint Rd. to Grove St.
  • King Drive
  • David Drive
  • Daisy Lane
  • Julienne Drive
  • William Drive
  • Veronica Way

Demolition and Site Preparation

The initial phase of the project involves the demolition of existing road surfaces and thorough site preparation. This phase is crucial for ensuring a solid foundation for the new roads and will require skilled labor for tasks such as clearing debris, grading the site, and preparing the ground for construction.


Foundation and Structural Work

Following site preparation, the foundation work will commence. This involves extensive excavation and the laying of new roadbeds to support the upgraded streets. Ensuring a solid foundation is critical for the stability and longevity of the new roads.


Road Resurfacing and Paving

The road resurfacing phase involves laying new asphalt or concrete surfaces, ensuring smooth and durable roads. This stage requires precision and coordination among various trades, including asphalt pavers, concrete finishers, and surveyors. The use of modern paving equipment and techniques will enhance the quality and durability of the road surfaces.


The project will enhance the local infrastructure by providing modern, efficient, and safe roadways. The improvements will reduce maintenance costs, enhance traffic flow, and improve safety for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. The upgraded roads will also support economic growth by attracting businesses and making the community more accessible.

The major street rehabilitation project in Normal, Illinois, represents a significant opportunity for the construction sector. With its focus on improving road quality, enhancing safety, and supporting community growth, the project is set to be a landmark development in the area. For construction workers, this project offers a chance to gain valuable experience and skills in a high-profile infrastructure project. As the project progresses, it underscores the critical role that construction professionals play in shaping the future of urban infrastructure.


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