Major Infrastructure Projects for 2024 in Peoria Illinois

Major Infrastructure Projects for 2024 in Peoria Illinois

East Peoria commissioners have initiated several infrastructure projects to enhance city facilities and services, including intersection improvements, bridge repair, sidewalk enhancements, and storm water management upgrades.

Midwest Engineering, Inc. has been selected to address the following projects:


 - Camp Street and Riverside Drive Intersection Improvement: Enhancing traffic flow and safety.

 - Veterans Drive Bridge Repair: Extending the bridge's lifespan with new deck, approach pavement, and structural repairs.

 - East Washington Street ADA Ramp Reconstruction: From Mall Street to Division Street, improving accessibility.

 - At the Mall and East Washington intersection: Sidewalk improvements and promoting pedestrian safety.


Yahoo News states that Peoria's 2024 budget allocates over $100 million for capital improvement projects focusing on storm water/sewer system and road projects.


Major Road Projects for 2024 in East Peoria

 - Pioneer Parkway and University Street Intersection: $8.5 million allocated for comprehensive reconstruction efforts. This project aims to reconfigure the intersection to improve traffic flow and safety for both motorists and pedestrians. Work will include the addition of turning lanes, upgraded traffic signals, new pedestrian crossings with accessible signals, and improved lighting. The redesign seeks to alleviate congestion and reduce accident rates at one of the city's busiest intersections.

 - Depot Street in the Warehouse District: $4.5 Million dedicated to the transformation of Depot Street and the construction of a new parking facility. Street reconstruction will consist of completing the overhaul of Depot Street between Oak and Persimmon Streets. The project will include the replacement of outdated curb and gutter systems, installation of modern storm sewers, and paving to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing street.

Adjacent to the renovated street, a 300-vehicle parking lot will be built to support the growing business and residential developments in Peoria's Warehouse District. This lot aims to address parking scarcity and support the district's revitalization efforts.

 - Wisconsin Avenue: $6.4 million for the redevelopment of Wisconsin Avenue, targeting business growth stimulation. The project covers the complete reconstruction of Wisconsin Avenue from McClure to Nebraska avenues. Enhancements include road resurfacing, new sidewalks, upgraded stormwater management systems, and streetscaping to encourage business investments in the area. The aim is to transform the avenue into a more attractive and business-friendly corridor.

 - Moss Avenue: $10.6 million allocated for significant improvements on one of Peoria's most historic roads. Moss Avenue, known for its historical significance and unique architecture, will undergo drainage system upgrades to address longstanding flooding issues. Additional enhancements will include road resurfacing, sidewalk repairs, and the preservation of the avenue's historic character while ensuring modern functionality.

 - MacArthur Highway: A combination of $10 million from state funding secured by State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, with $2.9 million of city funds for 2024 activities. The project envisions a complete overhaul of the MacArthur Highway corridor, including road reconstruction between Jefferson Street and the Cedar Street Bridge. The focus will be on improving road conditions, enhancing pedestrian safety, and creating a more inviting atmosphere for business development. The comprehensive redevelopment aims to spark economic growth along this critical corridor.


There will also be a $48 million project by the Illinois Department of Transportation linking East Peoria with Peoria over the Illinois River. This will be an overhaul of the Cedar Street Bridge and will be a three-phase project focusing on bridge and interchange reconstruction. 

Phase one will include resurfacing and rehabilitation, with an estimated cost of $15 million and is expected to impact traffic flow. 


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State and local funding sources, including Rebuild Illinois, contribute to these projects, emphasizing infrastructure enhancement and community development.

As East Peoria embarks on a transformative journey with these significant infrastructure projects, the city is setting a precedent for urban development and community improvement. The strategic enhancements to roadways, pedestrian pathways, and critical infrastructure not only aim to address current demands but also anticipate future growth and development needs.


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