Holsten Real Estate Development Plans to Renovate Building to Apartments

Holsten Real Estate Development Plans to Renovate Building to Apartments

Holsten Real Estate Development has received a $74.2 million renovation permit to convert the 24-story historic tower at 30 W. Chicago Avenue from 538 single-room occupancy units into 409 affordable apartments. Built in 1931, The Lawson House will meet modern standards and will also include on-site social services and ground-floor space.

According to Urbanize Chicago, construction is expected to last two and a half years and is estimated to cost $122 million.


Stage Status:  Closed - Sub Bidding

Sector:  Private

DataBid ID:  0056053017

Project Title:  Lawson House Redevelopment - Chicago

Project Location:  30 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL (Cook County)

Project Class: General Building

Industry:  Residential

Trade:  Apartments/Condominiums

Construction Type:  Renovation

Stories:  Multiple

Detail of Services:  23 Story, renovation from 583 single room occupancy units into 409 larger affordable rate apartments with private in unit bathrooms and kitchens

Prequalification:  Required

Status Update: Contact the Issuing Authority for future information regarding this project

Bids Due To:  Linn Mathes Construction Co.

Developer:  Holsten Management & Real Estate Development Corporations, 1020 West Montrose Ave., Chicago IL 60613


Confirmed Trades:

Division 02 - Existing Conditions

Division 03 - Concrete

Division 05 - Metals

Division 06 - Wood, Plastics and Composites

Division 08- Openings

Division 09 - Finishes

Division 10 - Specialties

Division 11 - Equipment

Division 14 - Conveying Equipment

Division 21 - Fire Suppression

Division 22 - Plumbing

Division 23 - HVAC

Division 26 - Electrical

Division 27 - Communications


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