Construction to Start on the Black Bridge in Bracebridge

construction to start on the Black Bridge in Bracebridge

Construction on the Black Bridge on Matthiasville Road is scheduled to begin this coming week. The Town of Bracebridge has awarded a construction contract to McPherson-Andrews Contracting Limited for replacement of the bridge. An article by My Muskoka Now states that completion of the project is expected by the fall. 

Planmac Engineering Inc. is providing construction inspection and contract administration services for the bridge replacement on behalf of the town.


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Black Bridge is located over the south branch of the Muskoka River on Matthiasville Road which is approximately one kilometre northeast of Highway 118 East. It is a 98 year old structural steel truss bridge.

An inspection was conducted by C. C. Tatham & Associates Ltd. in 2016 and the consulting engineers came to the conclusion that the bridge had reached the end of its useful service life and replacement was necessary. 

The bridge will be replaced with a bowstring truss-type bridge painted black and with top bracing. It was approved by the Town Council after a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study and a Structural Design Report had been completed.

The bridge is designed for full highway loading and, therefore, will have no load restrictions.

The height of the horizontal bracing will allow the passage of all motor vehicles that are legally permitted on Ontario highways.

A raised 1.5 metre sidewalk will be provided within the bridge trusses, on the downstream side.

According to a media release by, the bridge crossing will be fully closed to vehicles and pedestrians during the bridge replacement. Emergency Services can access Matthiasville Road on the east side of the bridge via Highway 118 East to Hawn Road during the bridge closure. Signs will be posted during the construction for guidance.


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