Construction Starting on 6 Story Lakeshore Campus Building

Construction starting on 6 storey OLakeshore Campus Building

The Illinois Capital Development Board along with the College of Lake County (CLC) will begin construction very shortly on a new six-story building on the Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan. Plans call for a $48 million expansion to increase educational opportunities. (Rendering above courtesy of Legat Architects/Illinois Capital Development Board/College of Lake County).

According to an article in the Daily Herald, even though the college is open to all Lake County residents, more than one-third of CLC students live in the northeastern part of Lake County. 

The Lakeshore Campus along Genesee Street serves a lot of needs for the community including:


 - Serving as a community hub

 - Supporting economic growth by ensuring educational attainment leading to family-sustaining careers

 - Offers access to events and job fairs that benefit the entire community


The new building, a Student Center at 34 N. Sheridan Road will be fully integrated on campus and will link the second and third floors to the college's 33 N. Genesee building. Completion of the Student Center is expected by the fall of 2022.


"This substantial development provides comprehensive student support services and programs in Waukegan designed to meet the regional high-demand advanced workforce needs. We want a first-class facility in Waukegan. Together with Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham, we anticipate this urban campus project to serve as a catalyst for future downtown development. We are in partnership with him in our desire to further build Waukegan as a college town."

CLC Board of Trustees Chair | Dr. William M. Griffin


The Student Center will include the following:


 - 62,692 square feet of new construction

 - House support services

 - Library

 - Community meeting space

 - Welcome and One-Stop Center

 - Laboratories

 - Career Placement

 - Adult education services

 - Four testing rooms

 - Tutoring center

 - Four general education classrooms

 - Large multi-purpose space that can be subdivided


In addition to the new construction, the project will also include:


 - 4,665 square feet of existing building renovation

 - Improvements to the Children's Learning Center

 - Science laboratory in 33 N. Genesee St.

 - Renovation for a new classroom in 111 N. Genesee St.


During the past two years, the CLC has expanded programming at its Lakeshore Campus and also done the following renovations:


 - Heating

 - Ventilation

 - Air conditioning

 - Refrigeration (HVAC)

 - Automation

 - Robotics

 - Mechatronics

 - Added to existing healthcare programs at this location


Completion of the Student Center will allow the college to continue program expansions in other fields of interest, including digital media, manufacturing, hospitality, horticulture and entrepreneurship through the renovation of existing facilities.


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