Construction Begins on Long Term Care Home in Hearst Ontario

Construction Begins on Long Term Care Home in Hearst Ontario

Engaging in a substantial commitment to its elderly population, the Ontario government is progressing rapidly in its endeavour to upgrade and increase long-term care facilities. A shining example of this promise in motion? The ongoing construction at Foyer des Pionniers in the district of Cochrane.


The Big Picture: Ontario's Pledge to Elderly Care

Diving straight into the numbers, Ontario has put forth an impressive budget of $6.4 billion. This financial commitment is aimed at:


  • Constructing over 30,000 new beds by 2028
  • Upgrading an additional 28,000 long-term care beds throughout the province


Ontario Newsroom reports that these figures are not just about beds or numbers, but about providing a quality living experience for our senior community.


"Congratulations to Foyer des Pionniers on their groundbreaking for an upgraded, modernized addition to their home. Our government is fixing long-term care and a key part of that plan is building modern, safe and comfortable homes for our seniors. Today marks a significant milestone to the district of Cocrane and brings more beds where they are urgently needed in northern Ontario."

Minister of Long Term Care | Stan Cho


What's New at Foyer des Pionniers?

Set adjacent to the renowned Hôpital Notre-Dame Hospital in Hearst, Foyer des Pionniers is more than just a long-term care home. It's an embodiment of advanced infrastructure tailored for the elderly. A completion target date has been set for the summer of 2024. The highlights of this project include:


  • An addition of 12 new beds, taking the total count to 79 ultra-modern long-term care beds
  • Larger common areas for residents to interact and relax
  • Full-fledged air conditioning across the facility
  • The design principle revolves around ‘resident home areas’ for a cozier, home-like feel
  • Separate zones for dining, activities, and relaxation ensure a comprehensive living experience.

Additionally, what makes Foyer des Pionniers stand out is its unique positioning within a campus of care. This integrative approach connects the long-term care facility with the broader healthcare system, ensuring residents have access to all medical facilities as and when required.


Cultural Sensitivity: A Touch of Familiarity

Recognizing the significance of cultural understanding, Foyer des Pionniers offers services tailored to the Francophone community. The responsibility of operation rests with Foyer Hearst - Mattice - Soins De Santé.


Finances and Beyond

Infrastructure Ontario has extended its support in the form of a capital development loan to finance this noble project.

As of January 2023, Foyer des Pionniers joins a list of 35 projects. These projects are set to bring 5,351 new and state-of-the-art beds to the province.

Moreover, in the fiscal year 2022-23, the Ontario government granted Foyer des Pionniers $19,131. This grant facilitated the acquisition of a bariatric bed and a controller kit, enhancing resident safety. All these steps are coherent with a broader investment strategy aiming to bolster the long-term care infrastructure.


The Road Ahead

Ontario is on a mission to redefine long-term care. The pillars supporting this ambitious plan are:


  • Quality staffing and care
  • Rigorous quality checks and enforcement
  • Infrastructure that's modern, safe, and comfortable
  • Fast and efficient access to requisite services for seniors


The end goal? A revamped long-term care system that addresses waitlists, expands access, reduces hospital pressures, and uplifts the living and working conditions for residents and staff alike.


Conclusion: Building a Better Tomorrow for Our Seniors

In summary, the Ontario government is not just laying bricks and mortar but laying the foundation of a future where our seniors receive the care and respect they truly deserve.

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