Construction Begins on Bensenville's Water Project

construction begins on Bensenvilles water project

When Village President Frank DeSimone took over a year ago, he was approached by residents of White Pines to develop a comprehensive plan to finally address the White Pines water system issues. Much of the White Pines water system dates back to the 1940's and has become functionally obsolete.

According to the Village of Bensenville, the Village applied for the IEPA loan in the fall of 2018 to get the funds needed to carry out the water main replacement project. 

Bensenville will be modernizing the system that delivers water safely and reliably to the neighborhood. 

The Village plan will include the following:


 - Replacement of the water system including installing new 8 and 12 inch water mains within the public right-of-way.

 - Installation of new service lines to the affected homes which will cost $7 million

 - The Village will pay for the water service lines wherever needed

 - Includes repairs to the landscaping/private properties for any damages due to construction


Unfortunately, the water mains are located in residential rear yards in White Pines which will make it a lot more difficult to access. Typically, water mains are located within street right-of-ways, allowing safe access for maintenance and repairs.

The current water system has multiple dead-ends, some caused by the construction of structures over water main easements. It's critical for water systems to be interconnected to ensure water quality and adequate pressure and volume for fire fighting.

Construction is set to begin to finally improve the water delivery system in the  neighborhood. The Village President, Frank DeSimone has signed the final documents for Bensenville to receive a $5.8 million loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. This will help fund the replacement parts of the White Pines' antiquated water system.


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The Daily Herald states that some White Pines residents can voluntarily be annexed and will pay for this work through their property taxes, while others will pay a higher surcharge that will increase their water bill for 20 years.


"This project has been a long time in the works, and I'm very pleased to see it come to fruition. Lead pipes will be replaced up to people's houses as part of the village's contract with Addison-based John Neri Construction Company."

Village President | Frank DeSimone


The White Pines Civic Association has been fighting for years with Bensenville over the replacement of the water system. Last Sunday the group hosted Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Curran for a neighborhood rally.

A flyer promoting the rally accused DeSimone of coming "after our homes with foreclosure" if White Pines residents "do not accept the conditions."

Bensenville Village Manager Evan Summer stated that they have never, ever tried to foreclose upon any of their liens.

Jim Brill, a member of the White Pines Community Alliance stated that sometimes his yard looks like Lake Michigan because some of the mains run through his backyard and he is tired of frequent breaks and leaks.

In addition to frequent main breaks, officials say the existing water system produces substandard water pressure to combat fires.


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