CDC Funding Approved for Affordable Development in Grand Boulevard

CDC Funding Approved for Affordable Development in Grand Boulevard

The Grand Boulevard neighborhood in Chicago is poised to undergo a significant transformation with the new affordable housing development at 4520 S State Street. This project, spearheaded by the Chicago Department of Housing (DOH) and supported by substantial funding by the Community Development Commission, aims to provide much-needed affordable housing while revitalizing the area. For construction workers, this project represents a unique opportunity to contribute to a landmark development.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the construction and design aspects of this project, focusing on the details that matter most to workers in the construction field.


Project Overview


Key Details


  • Location: 4520 S State Street, Grand Boulevard, Chicago
  • Developer: The Community Builders
  • Architect: Brook Architecture
  • Scope: Affordable development including residential units and community spaces
  • Total Residential Units: 52 units
  • Total Cost: $40 million 


Construction Phases and Key Features


Site Preparation

Chicago Yimby reports that the project kicks off with site preparation, crucial for laying a strong foundation. This involves clearing the vacant lot, which once housed the Robert Taylor Homes, setting up construction boundaries, and ensuring proper utility connections. Site preparation is foundational for ensuring that the subsequent construction phases proceed smoothly and safely.


Foundation and Structural Work

Building a stable and durable foundation is the next step. This phase involves extensive concrete work and the construction of a robust structural framework. Workers skilled in concrete pouring, reinforcement, and structural engineering will be integral during this phase. The foundation must support the new buildings' weight and ensure their long-term stability.


Building One: Mixed-Use Structure

The first building in this development is a four-story structure that will house 40 residential units and 3,750 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The design features vertical fiber-cement panels and painted metal panel spandrels. A distinctive sawtooth form breaks up the massing, adding architectural interest. Construction workers will be involved in framing, roofing, installing exterior cladding, and interior finishes.


Building Two: Residential Courtyard Building

The second building is a three-story structure centered around a landscaped courtyard, featuring 12 multi-bedroom residential units. This design aims to foster community interaction among residents. Tasks will include masonry work, window and door installations, and courtyard landscaping.


Public Spaces and Amenities

Public amenities are a significant part of the development, with plans for a new plaza on the north end along W 45th Street. This plaza will feature a community garden and multiple seating areas, designed to foster community interaction and provide a green space for residents. Landscaping tasks will involve planting trees, installing irrigation systems, and setting up outdoor furniture.


Parking and Connectivity

The development includes a new rear alley, providing access to 48 vehicle parking spaces. Additionally, the site is well-connected to public transportation, with access to CTA Routes 3, 24, 29, 43, and 47, as well as the 47th Street stations on the Red and Green Lines within a 10-minute walk. This connectivity is crucial for ensuring the development’s accessibility and sustainability.


Design and Sustainability


Architectural Design

Brook Architecture has designed the buildings to be modern and sustainable. The design incorporates sleek lines with fiber-cement panels, painted metal, and masonry, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. The revised plans call for a partial build out of the site's internal private drive, two mixed-use residential structures and a small plaza. The structures feature various setbacks and terraces, providing private outdoor spaces for residents.


Sustainable Building Practices

Sustainability is a core aspect of the project. The development will use energy-efficient systems, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly construction techniques. Workers will gain experience in installing high-performance insulation, energy-efficient windows, and renewable energy systems. These practices not only reduce the environmental impact but also ensure the buildings' long-term sustainability.


Economic Impact


Job Creation

The construction of this development is expected to create numerous jobs, providing significant economic benefits. From initial site preparation to final finishes, the project will employ a diverse workforce, including general laborers, skilled tradespeople, engineers, and project managers. This job creation is vital for the local economy and offers stable employment opportunities.


The affordable housing development at 4520 S State Street in Grand Boulevard is a significant urban renewal project for Chicago. For construction workers, this project offers a unique opportunity to engage with innovative construction techniques and sustainable practices. The project will now need further approvals from the city prior to its anticipated December 2024 groundbreaking. With GMA Construction Group as the GC, the project should be completed by the middle of 2026.


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