Bloomington Holds Groundbreaking for New Water Tower

Bloominton Holds Groundbreaking for New Water Tower

Bloomington, Illinois, is set to enhance its water infrastructure with the construction of a new water tower. This much-anticipated project aims to address the city's growing water needs and ensure a reliable water supply for residents and businesses. For construction workers, this project offers a unique opportunity to be involved in a significant infrastructure development. 

Here’s a detailed look at the project, focusing on the construction and design details that matter most to workers in the construction field.


Project Overview


Key Details


  • Location: Bloomington, Illinois
  • Developer: City of Bloomington
  • Project Type: Water Tower Construction
  • Total Cost: Approximately $8 million
  • Completion Date: Expected by 2025

Project Goals

The primary aim of the project is to enhance water storage capacity and improve water pressure across Bloomington. The new water tower is designed to meet the demands of a growing population and support future development in the area.


“Currently, we pump water from almost 10 miles away to Division Street and the current pumping system is nearly 100 years old. It’s time to address that and modernize our delivery to the residents. Elevated storage gives you approximately 24 hours of capacity up in the air. Gravity doesn't need electricity to work. Our ability to offline or elevate that storage gives us that extra level of protection."

Bloomington Water Director | Ed Andrews


Construction Phases and Key Features


Site Preparation

WGLT reports that the project site has undergone extensive preparation to ensure it is ready for construction. This phase included clearing the site, leveling the ground, and ensuring all necessary utilities are in place. Site preparation is crucial to establish a solid foundation for the new water tower.


Foundation and Structural Work

Building a water tower requires a robust foundation to support the weight of the structure and the water it will hold. The construction will involve extensive concrete pouring and reinforcement to ensure stability. Workers skilled in foundation work and structural engineering will play a critical role in this phase.


Tank Construction

The main component of the water tower is the tank, which will be approximately 120 feet tall with one million gallons of elevated storage. The tank construction will involve assembling large steel sections and welding them together to form a watertight container. This phase demands precision and expertise in steelwork and welding to ensure the tank is durable and leak-proof.


Piping and Pump Systems

Integral to the water tower’s functionality are the piping and pump systems that will distribute water throughout Bloomington. Installing these systems requires expertise in plumbing and mechanical engineering. Workers will focus on ensuring the pipes are correctly installed and the pumps are efficient and reliable.


Finishing Touches and Testing

Once the main construction phases are completed, the water tower will undergo finishing touches, including painting and installing safety features such as ladders and railings. The final phase involves rigorous testing to ensure the tower operates correctly and meets all safety and performance standards.


Design Aspects


Architectural Design

The new water tower is not only functional but also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It will feature a modern design that blends with the surrounding environment. The design incorporates features that make the tower both a utility and a landmark for the community.


Accessibility and Safety

Ensuring the safety of workers and the public is paramount. The construction site is equipped with safety barriers and signage to protect workers and passersby. The tower itself will include safety features such as secure ladders, railings, and platforms to ensure safe maintenance and operation.


Economic and Community Impact


Job Creation

The construction of the new water tower is expected to create numerous jobs, benefiting the local economy. From initial site preparation to final testing, the project will employ a diverse workforce, including general laborers, skilled tradespeople, engineers, and project managers.


Long-Term Benefits

Beyond immediate job creation, the project will enhance the water infrastructure in Bloomington, providing reliable water supply and improved water pressure. This will support future development and growth, making the city more attractive to residents and businesses.


Landmark Construction is slated to build the tower; Stark Excavating will complete the foundation work. Thus far, the biggest disruption has been to the 18th hole of nearby Prairie Vista Golf Course, which has been relocated. The new water tower in south Bloomington, set to be built over the next 18 months, is part of a $400 million water system overhaul subsidized by Bloomington residents.

The construction of the new water tower in Bloomington represents a significant infrastructure improvement that will benefit the community for years to come. For construction workers, this project offers a unique opportunity to be involved in a major development, gain valuable experience, and contribute to the city's future growth. As the project progresses, it underscores the critical role that construction professionals play in building and maintaining essential infrastructure.


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Posted by Judy Lamelza

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