3 Tower Development & Park Proposed in Scarborough

3 Tower Development & Park Proposed in Scarborough

Toronto’s Scarborough area is on the cusp of a significant urban transformation with 95 Developments’ latest proposal for Finch Avenue East. This ambitious project aims to replace a current retail plaza with a three-tower development, promising to reshape the skyline and community dynamics of the L'Amoreaux neighbourhood. The plan includes 28-, 16-, and 10-storey towers, bringing a mix of residential, commercial, and public park spaces to this part of the city.


Project Overview and Development Plan

The proposed development at 2930-2948 Finch Avenue East encompasses a total gross floor area of 67,717 sq. m. This includes 63,123 sq. m of residential space, accounting for 748 condo units, and 4,594 sq. m of commercial space at grade within the podium. This blend of residential and commercial use is set to invigorate the area with new living and business opportunities.

Storeys states that in addition to residential and commercial offerings, the development focuses on community engagement with 1,496 sq. m each of indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. These amenities are thoughtfully integrated into the design, enhancing the livability and appeal of the development.


Architectural Design and Space Utilization

Renderings by TAES Architects Inc. illustrate the towers connected by a seven-storey, U-shaped podium along Finch Avenue East. The innovative design optimizes space usage and creates a distinctive architectural presence in the neighbourhood.


Looking for Mixed Use Projects in Ontario?


The placement of the towers and the introduction of a new public street and park along the east and northeast corner of the property show a strategic approach to urban design. The park, occupying 1,400 sq. m, will offer a green respite in the urban environment, enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

The development plans for parking include:


 - Two levels of below-grade parking

 - Additional at-grade parking

 - Totaling 594 motor vehicle spaces


This addresses the transportation needs of residents and visitors, with provisions for Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs) and barrier-free spaces. The inclusion of 573 bicycle parking spaces aligns with Toronto’s push for sustainable transportation options. With seven elevators also planned, the development ensures accessible and efficient vertical transportation.

Indoor amenity space will be located on the third to seventh floor of the podium, as well as the ground floor of the 10 storey building. Another 1,496 sq. m of outdoor amenity space will be located towards the rear of the 10 storey building. 

The development's design integrates residential units with ground-level commercial spaces, creating a vibrant streetscape that benefits both residents and the local community. The inclusion of live-work units adds to the development's dynamic urban lifestyle appeal.

This development is poised to set a new precedent for mixed-use projects in Toronto’s suburbs. It exemplifies how thoughtful urban planning can effectively blend residential living with public spaces and commercial activities.

With the proposal submitted to the City and plans underway, the development is expected to commence soon. For those in the construction and urban planning fields, this project represents an opportunity to contribute to a significant change in the city's landscape. It challenges professionals to think innovatively about how to create spaces that are not only architecturally impressive but also deeply integrated with the community's needs. As this project unfolds, it will undoubtedly serve as a benchmark for future developments in the city and beyond.


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