3 Bids Submitted for Macdonald Block Complex

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The Macdonald Block Complex is the administrative hub of Ontario government operations and employs 3,600 people. The complex is used as government offices and has a total rentable area of about 1.22 million rentable square feet per Infrastructure Ontario.

The complex was completed in 1971 and has never undergone a major renovation. The core systems which include electrical, water, cooling and heating have reached the end of their useful life and should be replaced. Extensive reconstruction of the Macdonald Block Complex includes the Macdonald Block Podium, Hearst, Hepburn, Mowat and Ferguson Towers in Toronto.

According to Ontario Construction Report, Infrastructure Ontario reported that three teams have submitted bids to design, build, finance and maintain the Macdonald Block Complex.

The following teams responded to a request for proposals:

 - Ellis Don Infrastructure

 - Fengate PCL Progress Partners

 - Sandfield

The proposals will be evaluated by Infrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. They will select a preferred bidder and then negotiate a final contract. A fairness monitor is overseeing the entire procurement process and a successful bidder will be announced in mid-2019.


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Per Revolvy, the Macdonald Block Complex houses 12 cabinet ministers, 15 Ontario government ministries and the largest concentration of Ontario public servants. Its address is 900 Bay Street and is located just east of Queen's Park. It consists of the following four towers:

 - The Ferguson Block - A 14 storey building located at 77 Wellesley Street West.

 - The Hearst Block - Home to Ontario's provincial Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure. It is 10 storeys high.

 - The Hepburn Block - Home to various ministries, including the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. It is a 14 storey building.

 - The Mowat Block - It is a 24 storey building, designed by the same firm as the Ferguson Block in 1969.

 - The Macdonald Block - Was completed in 1968 alsong with the Hepburn Block and is located at 900 Bay Street. This block is a podium that connects the four towers along the first two storeys of each and has a bridge to the first floor of the Whitney Block from its second storey. 

The project will take approximately eight years to complete.


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