10 Waterloo Construction Projects Lined Up for 2022

10 Waterloo Construction Projects Lined Up for 2022

Several large scale construction projects will be completed in 2022 for Waterloo. These include the opening of the East Side Branch Library, the newly renovated and expanded Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex and major upgrades to Silver Lake and the boardwalk area of Waterloo Park.

An article in The Record states that there are also many new city construction projects that are scheduled to start in 2022. Some of these were delayed in 2021.


1. Carnegie Library Repurposing

The city will announce a tenant sometime in the first half of 2022. Interior renovation work is expected to begin later in the year, with completion in 2023. Upcoming renovations to the building will include:


 - Adding an elevator

 - Removing interior walls

 - Open concept space that will be flexible for future users


2. West Side Recreation Facility

The Recreation and Leisure Services Master Plan lays out plans for a recreational facility to serve the growing population on the west side of the city. A facility needs analysis and feasibility study is scheduled in 2022. Facility development funding is currently budgeted and scheduled for 2026.


3. Neighbourhood parks in Northdale

Two parks will be constructed in the Northdale area at Hickory Street West and Hemlock Street, and Hickory Street West and Sunview Street. The design and public engagement phases are complete and tendering is scheduled for January 2022, with construction to follow later this year.


4. Leash-free dog park

This project was deferred from 2021 and capital funding has been allocated for one leash-free dog park to be located in the west end of the city. The specific site is still to be determined. Design work and construction is scheduled to begin in 2022.


5. Neighbourhood sports park

The RIM Bike Park is under construction now and scheduled to open in late 2022 or early 2023. The design for a new skate park at the John M. Harper Library/Stock Family YMCA is complete, and staff continue to work to finalize the design with a plan to tender and start construction later in 2022.


6. Waterloo Park new east-west crossing

The new park circuit will link the east and west sides of Waterloo Park with a new crossing close to the Bauer parking lot. Public engagement will start this winter. Construction may start as early as late 2022 and continue into 2023. Funding will be used for a new pedestrian bridge over Laurel Creek and associated trail connections. The crossing will provide a vital trail connection between the new festival area and other amenities on the east side of the park.


7. Splash pads

Capital funding has been allocated for two additional splash pads - one to be located in the east end of the city and one in the west. Staff are currently reviewing all possible site locations, with design work and public engagement starting in 2022, followed by construction later this year and into 2023.


8. Albert Street Reconstruction, Columbia Street to Weber Street

This project will include the following:


 - Replacement of the water main

 - Addition of needed bike lanes


9. Waterloo Public Square Upgrades

Detailed design work is progressing on the shade structures and water feature at the Waterloo Public Square. The anticipated progression of construction will see the shade structures installed in 2022 with the water feature constructed in early 2023, following detailed design.


10. Ball Diamond Upgrades

Waterloo Park ball diamonds 3 and 4, as well as the Bechtel Park diamond will undergo major upgrades in 2022. The diamonds in Waterloo Park will be reoriented and include:


 - 230 foot outfields

 - Separate outfield fences

 - New lighting for evening play


The Bechtel diamond will feature:


 - Renovations to the stadium buildings that are currently closed

 - Extensive demolition and renovation of the seating area and field of play

 - New dugouts, protective netting and a new scoreboard



Posted by Judy Lamelza

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