New Lincoln Junior High School Begins Construction Next Week

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Construction on the new Lincoln Junior High School building in Skokie will begin next week after many years in the planning stage. The District 69 school board voted Tuesday to accept the lowest bid for construction out of 42 bids that were received per the Patch.

The construction cost for this project is $44.6 million and will be funded by $13 million in reserve funds and $32 million in previously issued construction bonds.

The existing building will remain intact for the time being but the lower gymnasium will be demolished to provide room for the new facility.


"As construction begins, we are thrilled to be able to create an innovative and transformative middle school for students and families, as well as a valuable community asset for all of District 69. We know that this new school building will inspire learning for all students, serve as a hub for activities and gatherings, and provide a continuing sense of pride and jobs for Skokie and Morton Grove."

District 69 Superintendent | Margaret Clauson


The new building will not be for students only. The building and grounds are designed for public use after school hours and could even host park district activities and community events.

The new three story building will feature the following:


 - Specialized areas for drama programs

 - General music and choir areas

 - Instrumental music areas

 - Physical education

 - STEM and robotics classes

 - Art programs

 - Two competition-sized gymnasiums 


Demolition of the existing building is planned for the summer of 2021 and completion of the school is scheduled for that fall.


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According to School District 69, the existing building is very old with significant structural and ongoing maintenance issues. To make these repairs and replacements of everything needed would extend past the summer and and would greatly exceed the cost of a new building. Also, by constructing a new building, it allows the district to think ahead and provide safe and modern learning spaces that will enhance the students' learning now and in the future.

The new school building will not cause any increase in taxes and the architects, ARCON, have experience in designing and constructing public buildings and have specialized in building educational facilities since 1979.


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Posted by Judy Lamelza

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