8 Storey Triangular Apartment Building Proposed by Azuria Group

triangular building

Azuria Group has filed for Site Plan Approval, Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan Amendment applications for an apartment project at 1601 Bathurst in Toronto. This will bring 88 residential rental units to the neighborhood. Kirkor Architects is the designer of this project per Urban Toronto.

The 8 storey building will replace a smaller 4 storey building on the site and because of its unusual triangular shape, it can be wedged between Bathurst Street on the left and the driveway into the 6 storey apartment building on the right. 


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The following features are also included:

 - 55 one-bedroom units

 - 20 two-bedroom units

 - 4 three-bedroom units

 - 9 rental replacement units to replace units that would be lost in the demolition of existing structure

 - 28 parking spaces in a below-grade garage


The building will have a cladding in light grey precast with punched windows. Balconies will be accessible from the suites and will be framed by a zig-zag pattern. On the 7th level, the building will have private terraces and outdoor amenity spaces.


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Posted by Judy Lamelza

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